The Wolf Crier (Newspaper)

So you have participated in the food drive — congratulations! Your part is done right? Wrong. The blight of hunger in our school, community, and nation will not be eliminated by one food drive. Does that mean that what you did means nothing? Of course not, but the effort is never over and the more each of us does the closer we come to ending hunger.

As the holiday season approaches, all of us seem to become more giving and think of helping those less fortunate then ourselves, which is great, but the caring needs to be continuous. So whether you donate money, food, or time keep it up over the course of the year.

Now that you have donated food to our school’s food drive to benefit the Thurston County Food Bank keep it up. Find the time to volunteer and figure out how that food that came from your pantry goes into those of our communitie’s least fortunate. Start small or big, it doesn’t really matter so long as you get out there and make a difference. I say this because there are numerous parts of the system that gives food to the hungry, and gathering donations is but a small part of that process.

Learn about each step by being part of it. Go to the food bank and help sort the food that was donated by our school, help work the line and give it out, understand and interact with those who need your help because once you do, your efforts will no longer be seasonal but rather year long.

Advisor: Mr. Aaron Street


Phone: 360-709-7883